What is Vectrix?

Get to know Vectrix.


Vectrix is changing the way startups and growing security teams bootstrap their security programs.

Until now, there hasn't been a way for companies to easily work on their security postures without hiring a security team or procuring an expensive, heavy-handed security product that it itself requires countless man-hours to maintain and use.

With Vectrix, teams of all sizes can easily implement security safeguards and monitoring across the cloud vendors they use most, like AWS, GitHub, and more, in a matter of minutes and clicks.

So, how do we accomplish this?

There are two primary elements that make the Vectrix approach so great; the Vectrix Modules found on the Vectrix Marketplace.

Vectrix Modules

Vectrix Modules are individual security scanners that once deployed, monitor for a specific set of security issues within the cloud vendor the module was developed for.

If and when an issue is detected, the module sends a Slack alert with details of the issue.

For example, the AWS S3 Bucket Scanner looks out for security issues in S3 Buckets, like a bucket being set as publicly accessible. When this happens, the module sends an alert to the preconfigured Slack channel, communicating the problem with relevant details.

See what modules are currently available by logging in to Vectrix.

Vectrix Marketplace

The Vectrix Marketplace is what allows Vectrix users to benefit from the power, strength, and expertise of the entire security community.

All of the modules found on the Vectrix Marketplace were created by security experts who likely experienced themselves the visibility gap that their module addresses. This way, startups and teams from around the world can utilize and leverage the experiences and lessons learned by other security practitioners.

The best part? Vectrix Developers get paid every month every time a new company uses their module. Learn more about developing on Vectrix.