Our Top Priority

Platform Security


Vectrix Developer Program Security

We take our users' security and privacy very seriously - so much so, that we dedicate a large portion of our total engineering efforts and spend to securing our infrastructure and vetting the scanners on our platform. We have implemented policies, procedures, and technical capabilities to ensure and maintain the highest quality code possible.

To start, every single scanner found on the platform has been thoroughly vetted and reviewed, line-by-line, by the Vectrix team (20+ years of experience in security). We also utilize automated security testing to detect for anything anomalous or questionable. If we ever have any concerns, we err on the side of caution and pass on the submission.

Additionally, we thoroughly interview, interact with, and periodically reference-check all developers prior to any code being written in order to confirm their level of expertise to be high enough to develop for Vectrix. Developers also sign the Vectrix Developer Agreement which outlines the consequences of any attempt to circumvent our guidelines and policies.

Sensitive information, like personal data, the accounts you connect, and information you submit, are NEVER accessible to Vectrix Developers. Submitted information, including tokens, connections, and webhooks, are referenced in code with ephemeral environment variables.

The Vectrix platform is what allows Vectrix users to benefit from the power, strength, and expertise of the entire security community.

All of the scanners found on the Vectrix platform were created by security experts who likely experienced themselves the visibility gap that their scanner addresses. This way, startups and teams from around the world can utilize and leverage the experiences and lessons learned by other security practitioners.

The best part? Vectrix Developers get paid every month every time a new company uses their scanner. Learn more about developing on Vectrix.

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact us via [email protected].