Vectrix Scanners

Easy to use. Stackable. Perfect for dynamic startups and growing security teams.

Vectrix is a growing library of individual security monitoring tools called Vectrix Scanners. Users pick and choose as many (or as few) scanners as they'd like to use based on the vendors their company is using. This means only paying for what's used, and using only what's needed. New vendor onboarded? Use a Vectrix Scanner. Concerned about a new issue? Use a Vectrix Scanner.

What is a Vectrix Scanner?

A Vectrix Scanner is an individual, automated security monitor that connects to a single cloud service or SaaS app that you use, looks out for a vendor-specific set of security issues, and notifies you the moment any are detected.

For example, the AWS S3 Bucket Scanner looks out for security issues in S3 Buckets, like a bucket being set as publicly accessible. When this happens, the scanner sends an alert to a connected Slack channel, communicating the problem with relevant details.

As we've mentioned, Vectrix Scanners are continuously being added to the platform. This means that as new vendors become more and more popular out in the field, you can bet on Vectrix having a scanner for it or a scanner in the works.

See what Vectrix Scanners are currently available by logging in to Vectrix.

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