Navigating Vectrix


Navigating around Vectrix should be pretty simple, but below are some details of what you can find and where you can find it.

Pages described include At a Glance, Deployments, and Organization.

At a Glance

See what modules are available and deploy them with ease

When you log in to Vectrix, you'll be brought to the homepage, At a Glance, which lists all current and coming soon modules on the Vectrix Marketplace.

From here, you can learn more about what each module does, what alerts you can expect, and how they work, all by clicking on the module's card.

When you're ready to deploy a module, click the big, green button that says Deploy Now.

Link to the Vectrix Dashboard

Note: Deploy as many of the same module as you want - this can be helpful if you have different accounts (e.g., AWS) or different Slack channels to configure for a module.


See all deployed modules and configure them after initial setup

Deployments Table

Once a module is deployed, it can be found on the Deployments page. Here you will find a list of all deployed modules and their details, including the provided label, module name, user who deployed, date/time it was deployed, and the health status of the module.

You can modify each deployed module's label by clicking the pencil on the left side of the table.

Link to Deployments

Deployment Configuration & Extra Features

If you want to review or modify any of the configurations of an actively deployed module, you can enter module configurations by clicking on the label name in the Deployments Table. From here, you can edit settings like scan frequency, as well as tune scans, like adding suppressions (muting).

You'll also be able to generate a report (PDF, Excel) of any module findings (most modules). This can be used for compliance reporting and/or weekly reviews.

If you need to delete a module, navigate to the Manage tab in the module's settings.


See all users within your Vectrix Organization

A list of organization members who can deploy, edit, and modify deployment configurations can be found on the Organization page, linked below.

Link to Organizations

For security reasons, you can currently only add other users to your Vectrix Organization by contacting us.