Features & Functionality

Vectrix Scanner Features & Functionality

Let's spell out exactly what you can expect from a Vectrix Scanner once it's running.


We know that our users are busy, fast-moving individuals, often overwhelmed by what's already on their plate. Implementing security monitoring coverage doesn't have to be at odds with those realities.

And it all starts with alerting on new issues as they arise. Our users, before all else, want to be notified when there's a security issue or concern that demands their attention; simply put, they want the relevant details that allow them to respond.

Today, alerts are sent to users via Slack webhooks, providing necessary, relevant information right away on the detected issue.

Current Issues

While alerting is a great starting point, we're not ones to forget about the security issues that might have already existed within the vendors now being monitored.

Because of this, each and every Vectrix Scanner comes with an overview page that details current issues (misconfigurations, bad practices, etc.) detected within the connected account.

When an alert is sent to a Vectrix user, they receive a link to this page, which includes the details of the issue just alerted on.