Setup 101: Start Here

Setup 101

Let's learn the basics of how Vectrix Modules are set up so you can get going as quickly as possible.

Every Vectrix Module requires two kinds of configurations to get started:

1) Account and access setup

Connect the service, cloud or app to be monitored (e.g. an IAM Role to connect to your AWS account).

This requires:

  1. Granting the module permission to scan for issues

  2. Specifying the account, bucket, etc. to be scanned/monitored.

2) Output setup

Connect your desired outputs so that alerts can be sent to the right place (e.g. a Slack Webhook URL).

This requires:

  1. Adding the official Slack app Incoming Webhooks to the Slack channel you will use to receive alerts.

  2. Copying the Webhook URL and adding it to the Vectrix Module during setup.

Pretty simple.

With those basics out of the way, learn more on how to setup Vectrix Modules for each cloud vendor you use: