Setup Guide

We like to keep things simple. Learn how to be up and running in minutes.

Setup 101

Launch a Vectrix Scanner in less than five minutes. We make it easy.

Step 1: Pick a Vectrix Scanner

Browse the available Vectrix Scanners and choose a scanner that you'd like to launch and have continuously monitoring the vendor in question.

Step 2: Connect your account

Once you've chosen the scanner you want to launch, the next step is connecting the vendor so that the Vectrix Scanner can scan it for issues.

Depending on the vendor, connecting your account might require either creating a new role or user (AWS), providing an access token (GitHub), or most simply, granting access via OAuth (G Suite).

For more details, visit the respective vendor's setup page

Step 3: Choose your output

Lastly, you'll need to specify where you want alerts to be sent if a security issue is detected by the Vectrix Scanner. Today, this means simply providing a Slack webhook to a Slack Channel of your choice.

  1. Add the official Slack app Incoming Webhooks to the Slack channel you want to use.

  2. Grab the Webhook URL and paste it into the setup.

That's it! You're done.

Launch the Vectrix Scanner and keep an eye out for a welcome Slack message!

If the scanner runs into any issues while scanning the account you've created, you'll receive an automated Slack message that describes the problem encountered and how to fix it.