GCP Setup

Connect Vectrix to your Google Cloud Platform (GCP) Organization or Projects.

General Setup

Access required for setup IAM permissions to add members in GCP


To deploy this module you will need access to:

  1. create an GCP member

  2. a Slack Webhook URL to post alerts to a Slack channel


1. From the Vectrix Console, copy the unique user email generated. This is a unique Google Cloud Platform (GCP) service account exclusive to your tenancy.

2. Log into GCP and browse to the IAM service by clicking here or by navigating to IAM & Admin and then clicking IAM in the navigation sidebar.

Important: Access can be granted to individual Projects or your Organization. Please ensure you select the desired Project(s) or Organization you wish to have scanned from the drop down menu.

In the image below the Project "TestProject-001" will be scanned, but no others. Setting up access to your Organization is recommend as it includes all current and future Projects.

Browse to IAM from IAM & Admin.

3. Click ADD at the top.

4. Paste in the email address in the "New members" field then select the role Viewer. Click "+ ADD ANOTHER ROLE" and select Security Reviewer. Then click SAVE.

🎉 Congrats! You've successfully configured GCP access.

Module-Specific Details

GCP Bucket Scanner


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